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Our team at Sage Weddings & Events is here to take your wedding and event planning dreams and making them a reality. With over 10+ years of experience curating, designing, and executing events, our team's got your back. Whether you need us to help you find your dream venue and bring your designs to life, or you have a great hold on planning and just need us to come in and manage execution, we're your favorite wing(women) in making it happen.



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Professional napper and the happiest girl around.
The inspiration behind the name, and our constant ray of sunshine. Sage is our best girl, and honorary Office Assistant. 

You'll find her spending her days hunting squirrels in the backyard, basking in the sun, and having the zoomies throughout the house. Sage loves to join our zoom calls with clients, to introduce herself of course. 

If you follow us on Socials, you'll be sure to see Sage make her monthly appearance with her everyday shenanigans. 

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As your wedding planner, designer and biggest fan, we are there for YOU. We understand how important it is to bring your vision to life, We are there to support you, advocate for you, share in your concerns, and most importantly, bring joy to your wedding planning process. 


I continuously tell others that I have the privilege of having my dream career.  I'm your typical type-A creative and your biggest advocate. Your wedding planning isn't just a job to me- it's dreaming with you, putting those dreams into design elements to bring them to life, and watching the pure joy on your faces when you see it on the day of your wedding. That's why I do this everyday- you really can't top the feeling of bringing every detail to life and ensuring you can enjoy every moment of it.

Looking forward to meeting you!




- Lauren & Bradley

"There are no words that will describe how thankful I am Hannah was our wedding planner. She went above and beyond and our wedding was perfect. She’s organized, professional, and was always thinking ahead. Like many brides, I was nervous about things going well, but the communication and updates we received put my husband and I’s worries to rest. We would have another wedding if we could just to hang out with such a kind person. I highly recommend Sage Weddings and hope you get the chance to work with them if you can. Thank you again Sage Weddings!"


- Sara

"Hannah is an absolute GEM! From the moment we first connected, I loved her energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to helping me make our wedding day as special (and smooth) as possible. What I really appreciated, was her willingness to guide me in the right direction when I felt overwhelmed (or clueless), and I could NOT have done it without her. Even when there was a crisis with the flowers on the day of the wedding, she was right there by my side to make things work! Not only that, she is incredibly kind and sweet and if we lived closer, we’d probably be friends! I highly recommend Hannah as a wedding planner. You will not be disappointed if you choose her for your special day!"


- Marissa

Hannah went above and beyond!! She eased my stress, helped talk with the vendors for me, and made sure all the details were taken care of. My veil was put in the bag upside down so it was all wrinkled and the venue didn't have a steamer so Hannah got her husband to go buy one and bring it back so she could steam my veil. Literally saving the day! It was also the first cold weekend and the wedding was outside. My poor flower girl was freezing so Hannah gave her jacket to the flower girl to wear until it was her turn to go down the aisle. She also made the timeline prior to the day of and went over it with me to make sure everything I wanted was included. She helped to keep us on schedule and told us what we would be doing during each step. The wedding went so smooth because of her! She was absolutely amazing!! I highly recommend her!! I cannot express how grateful I am for her.


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